Bob Groves President Willyama Art Society

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Bob Groves with one of his cartoons

It was lovely to meet Robert (Bob) Groves late last year at home and see some of his extensive body of work. He obviously loves his art, and has a particular fondness for cartoon style work, but also paints in more traditional styles.

Bob is the current President of the Willyama Art Society and has been for close to 20 years. He teaches art also.

See here my article on Bob from my blog for more details about this prolific artist. Bob doesn’t have his own gallery but his work can be found in numerous locations around the city.

Karrie Lannstrom

Tangerine Dreaming @ the Junction Mine in the Summer of 09

Tangerine Dreaming @ the Junction Mine in the Summer of 09 by Karrie Lannstrom

I was delighted to chat to local Broken Hill artist Karrie Lannstrom earlier in the week on my recent visit to Broken Hill.

Karrie is a member of Gaara Arts Inc (Gaara). She is a hobbyist artist and has never been a professional artist although from the work I’ve seen so far, she certainly could be.

Karrie is also a committee member of the Broken Hill Art Advisory Committee. Her work has been exhibited in the annual Lifeline exhibition in Broken Hill for a number of years.

Karrie has held a solo show of 22 pieces at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in October 2010. The title of that exhibition was “Dust to Rust – Impressions of the Hill”. There is a piece of her work (from that exhibition) available for purchase at the Regional Art Gallery right now ‘. It’s a lovely piece and is titled ‘Sturt Peas Dancing Late @ Night in the Hill’.

If I had a gallery, which I might one day, I would love to represent Karrie’s beautiful rich textured works.